When we were five years old, we liked to draw. We could all spend hours just putting crayons to paper, or the table and walls or wherever the colored wax would stick and before our parents would notice. We were all artists. As we've gotten older, drawing has become only something kids and professional artists do. It seems, beaten by time and life, for many adults, we have become busy with life and afraid being carefree again.
But, what looks so natural to an artist, musician or photographer has taken them a whole lifetime to develop. I encourage you to pick up your smart phone and snap photos of everything, take a pen and start drawing stick figures or a mic and just sing like that five year old you again. You do not have to show it to the world, but at least keep it for yourself.
View my work to the right. "Spyology" is a fun personal comic book type photographic series. Portraits is my attempt at capturing the person in my art. And "Wheels," i like those too. Please enjoy and if you need any tips or help with photography, call me or email me. I am always learning but I'd be glad to help you with what I already know.