When we were five years old, we liked to draw. We could all spend hours just putting crayons to paper, or the table and walls or wherever the colored wax would stick and before our parents would notice. We were all artists. As we've gotten older, drawing has become only something kids and professional artists do. It seems, beaten by time and life, for many adults, we have become busy with life and afraid being carefree again.
But, what looks so natural to an artist, musician or photographer has taken them a whole lifetime to develop. I encourage you to pick up your smart phone and snap photos of everything, take a pen and start drawing stick figures or a mic and just sing like that five year old you again. You do not have to show it to the world, but at least keep it for yourself.
View my work to the right. "Spyology" is a fun personal comic book type photographic series. Portraits is my attempt at capturing the person in my art. And "Wheels," i like those too. Please enjoy and if you need any tips or help with photography, call me or email me. I am always learning but I'd be glad to help you with what I already know.


Clothes and DaggerLos Angeles Based Cinematic Photographers.

By the time a movie makes it to the silver screen, large or small budget, mainstream or indie, it would have been worked on by many, sometimes hundreds of people. Before the first scene is shot; hundreds, or thousands of hours would have been spent: writing, brainstorming, story boarding, testing, casting, set designing, wardrobe styling, not including make up and hair (and not necessarily in that order). Because it is my goal to shoot my photos like cinema, my projects have a very similar process. I work with you to make this fun and keep it realistic so it succeeds. Click above to view my portfolio or keep reading and I can tell you more about my process...

Story BoardBefore I ever click my shutter, we put together our concept.

This is where the story or concept is written. You can share your ideas with me. You can tell me your favorite movie, comic book, inspiration or personal story, you want to emulate and we then put that on paper. We draw out the concept and keep realistically achievable. We plan out locations or work it into your wedding and create an outline of everything you want to achieve and most importantly, the story you want to tell. This goes for the most sophisticated shoots to, sometimes, just a single frame. Of course, I do many shoots without story boarding but the general rule is: the better we prepare, the stronger our vision, and the better the outcome. Scroll down, and we can talk about the wardrobe process...
You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows that they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift. --Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

Looking sharpYou may have to best brands but if it doesn’t fit well, it will look sloppy

You may already have the perfect wardrobe or idea for the shoot, in which case, just tell me what you’ve got and we may already be set. If you don’t, I can put you in touch with a stylist to get your look together for the shoot. They generally take into consideration the look we are trying to achieve along with whatever you are comfortable wearing. Don’t worry everyone will look good. And if you want a shopping partner, let me know and we can go shopping with you. Scroll down to read about hair and make up.

Hair and Make Up

You may already like the way you do your hair and make up. And that works for me. You can schedule a hair and make up artists before our shoot, you can do your own, or I can provide an industry professional. Either way, let me know what you want to do and we will make it work.
I think women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves. Makeup should be fun. Emma Stone
Next, I will cover our shoot.

Lights, Camera, ActionGetting the film in the can.

By the time you arrive at the shoot, my wife and I or assistants might already be set up for our shoot. Depending on the shoot, we may use just the ambient light around, or sometimes we may have one, two or five light stands with softboxes up. You may already be in your outfit, with you hair and make up already done. You might be excited, and possibly a little nervous, but don’t worry it’s normal. We will work with you and help you, and everyone else on the shoot. Once we get some practice shots out of the way, is where the fun begins. If it is a long covered day, like your wedding, we will be with you the whole way encouraging you and keeping things on time for you. If nothing else, we will capture your magical moment. If it is a cinematic shoot, once action is called, and you focus on the scenes, the nerves go away. But we are there for you. Read next about the how the magic happens.

Post ProductionThe hard part

You ever go on a vacation and take your phone out to capture a magnificent scene, only when you look at your screen, it looks nothing like the way you experienced it? Sometime it is, but most of the time, it isn't that you don't have a fancy camera. What your brain filtered out that your phone could not were trash on the beach, phone lines in the sky and hipsters photobombing your picture perfect vacation. As photographers, it is our job to find a way to keep those distractions out of view, but many times, those distractions cannot be kept out of frame without changing the dynamic of the rest of the scene. This is where post production comes in. Our human brains do a great job seeing the beauty in things. But our smart phones and cameras do not. They are not artistic, they just try to capture what is in front of them. This is where post production comes into play. Post production involves things like: correcting color and skin tones, taking out distracting power lines or trash on the beach. Some times it is as intricate as adding hollywood magic to a bland scene. Whatever it is you envision, we can work with you to make it happen. For example in a shoot, I may spend one hour setting up the lighting and backdrop, and another 2 hours getting your photos. I may even have capture 200 pictures in that time frame. I wish it were as easy as just printing those 200 pictures and my job is done. But the reality is, only a small percentage of the 200 is good enough for me. I may spend a couple of hours narrowing the 200 to about 20-50 of those pictures. I rule out shots where the subjects blinked, hair got in their face or maybe their expressions do not reflect the mood of the scene. After that, I start working on the colors. Cameras would sometimes make a scene look very orange in the sun or green inside a home, color correction is the art of balancing the color spectrum. After color correction, I cull again for images that just don`t make the cut. I then go and take out any distractions in a pictures. And on the most important images, I may take out fly away hairs, lint on clothing, or if necessary--skin blemishes. This boils down to on average 10-60 minutes per image. If I promised you ten images, that may take me 1-10 hours editing. But that is just part of producing the best possible image for you. View my portfolio next...


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